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Daily routine

A day in the life of Paula Radcliffe – Marathon Runner
Sometimes, my daughter Isla wakes me and my husband, Gary, up, or, more often, we wake her up. After I get up, I always check my pulse. It’s usually 38-40 beats per minute. If it is too high, I rest for the day. It’s so important to listen to my body. I have a drink and a snack while giving Isla her breakfast.

We take Isla to nursery and then I start my training. I run, and Gary rides his bike next to me and gives me drinks. Four times a week, I have a cold bath or go for a swim in a lake after training.

I pick up Isla from nursery and we go home and I eat a big lunch of cereal and fruit. Then I have rice and salmon, or toast and peanut butter. I try to eat as soon as possible after training. After lunch, I play with my daughter.

I have a nap in the afternoon, and Gary usually takes Isla out while I sleep. When I wake up, I have a drink and a snack while Isla has milk. I eat a lot during the day, especially bananas and dark chocolate.

I go running again. In total, I run about 145 miles every week. I write about all my runs in my training journal. I record everything, including how I feel and what the weather is like. I train hard every other day, go on an extra long run every four days and rest every eighth day.

In the evening, I do my exercises. These keep me strong during long runs. Isla likes to climb on me while I stretch. Gary gives Isla her tea and cooks mine while I finish my exercises. Then I finish cooking dinner while Gary gives Isla her bath. 

Gary and I eat our dinner. I have red meat four times a week with rice, pasta or potatoes, and lots of vegetables. We also eat a lot of stir-fries, because they’re quick and healthy.

We put Isla to bed and relax. I check my emails and watch TV or chat with Gary. I love police and hospital dramas!

Time for bed. As I brush my teeth, I stand on one leg and then the other. This keeps my legs strong.  I enjoy reading, but I haven’t read much since Isla was born.

1 Usually,…

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2 While Paula has her morning run, Gary…

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3 After training, Paula…

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4 After lunch, Gary looks after Isla while Paula…

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5 Paula…

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6 Every two days, Paula

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7 While Paula does her exercises, her daughter…

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8 In the evening,…

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daily routine

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