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Are cartoons always nice?

The first time I took my daughter to the movie theater she was 6 and the movie was “Bambi”. I’m a movies lover, so I had chosen it carefully and thought a cartoon movie would be an effective introduction to the Seventh Art World.

Everything was going just fine until Bambi’s mother was shot and killed. My daughter got anguished and asked to go home in the middle of the movie. Fortunately later choices turned out OK and she likes movies as much as I do.

My point is: are cartoons really safe for kids? Or do parents need to pay attention to the type of cartoons kids are watching during their spare time?

Once I sat on the sofa to watch a cartoon with my 8-year-old son and got completely dumbfounded when I realized a cartoon character was agonizing right in front of us, bleeding as if it was an action adult movie!

Everybody knows that the cartoon “The Simpsons” doesn’t spread nice manners or behavior, but what about the “kid stuff” they display in the afternoon for young children?

The next time you take a kid to the movies maybe a cartoon doesn’t make the best choice, unless you take the time to watch it and analyze its content first. Or you take the risk of exposing your child to messages s/he isn’t prepared to get yet.

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