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Detective story

Yesterday night somebody broke into our neighbor’s house. He stole everything he found. They saw him while he was running away but they couldn’t catch him. This morning an inspector came and asked some questions:

The inspector also asked Mrs. White some questions:

The Inspector:   What were you doing when your husband was in the kitchen?

Mrs. White: While I was watching the movie I was drinking my coffee.

The Inspector: Coffee? But your husband was preparing tea.

Mrs. White: Tea? No… We didn’t drink tea last night.

The Inspector: OK. What was he doing in the kitchen?

Mrs. White: He was thirsty. He wanted to drink water. 

The Inspector: Hmm. What happened then?

Mrs. White: A friend of him called him and he went out to help him.

The Inspector: So you were alone at home, weren’t you?

Mrs. White: Yes, I was. I called him immediately but he didn’t answer.

The inspector asked Mr. White some       questions:

The Inspector: What were you doing when the thief broke into the house?

Mr. White: I was watching a movie with my wife. Then I went to the kitchen to prepare the tea…

The Inspector: How many minutes did you spend in the kitchen?

Mr. White: I think 10 or 15 minutes… I’m not sure…

The Inspector: Did you only prepare the tea?

Mr. White: Yes.

The Inspector: OK. Thanks.

The inspector was suspicious about Mr. White and he asked for him to come to his office. The Inspector started questioning:

The Inspector: You weren’t at home when the thief broke into your house. Where were you?

Mr. White: I went out to help a friend of mine.

The Inspector: Who was he?

Mr. White: A friend…

The Inspector: Hmmm…

Mr. White: I said that he was a friend of mine.

The Inspector: If you cannot prove that you were with your friend, we will arrest you!W


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